Laptop Repair Pontypridd

 Laptop repair Pontypridd is a Laptop, computer and I-pad/Tablet repair centre initially formed to meet the needs of individual customers particularly students. We also support small business and organisations such as community centres with:

  • computer issues,
  • networking and cabling
  • maintenance and general IT consultation.

Is your laptop or computer acting strangely?

Have your colleagues been receiving suspicious looking emails from you? Does your computer have one or more of the following problems? 

  • Slow PC / Laptop performance
  • Internet errors
  • Excessive pop-ups & adds
  • Home page changed
  • Internet access slower
  • System lockups

Is your laptop or PC damaged

  • Laprtop screen cracked / broken
  • Hard Drive replacement
  • Data recovery
  • Keyboard broken
  • Power Jack damaged
  • Replacement Chargers